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Alamo Car Rental in Miami, Florida

At Alamo Car Rental, we strive to make renting a vehicle as affordable as possible for everyone. We offer compact, economical vehicles that will fit the smallest budget, but we also have luxury vehicles and SUVs to fit the needs of those with a larger budget. To make all of our vehicles less costly, we offer several discounts for our customers and make sure to have coupons for a percentage off on our website.

Visitors who are renting their vehicles for at least five days may qualify for the $25 off special if they are going to need the vehicle at least one Saturday night. They will be able to choose any size vehicle and still take the $25 off of their weekly prices.

When people prepay for their cars, they can take off 10 percent of the price. We even have a weekend discount of $15 off for three days. The Saturday rule also applies for this discount but if visitors would like to get an early start on their weekend vacations, they can receive their vehicles for the weekend discount as early as 9:00 in the morning on Thursday.

Our company gives people a unique way to save 15 percent on their rental prices. If they reserve their vehicles at an Alamo at the Miami area airports, they can receive the Sun & Save discount. It doesn't matter what size vehicle they reserve or whether it is a daily, weekly or weekend rate, the discount will apply.

Also, people may be entitled to a free upgrade. The free upgrade applies when people opt to receive small or midsized vehicles.

If people have last minute plans, they may be able to find last minute deals on our website. Even if they are making their reservations one hour in advance, they will be able to take advantage of any last minute deals that are being offered. Every week there may be new last minute deals for our customer, so it is worth their while to visit the Alamo Car Rental Miami website often.

To make things easier for people, our company gives people who will need their vehicles for longer than one month the ability to check in online. They can reserve their vehicles in three different ways including the web, the telephone or their travel agents can make the reservations for them. They can print their own documents from our website and have them when they arrive at the airport. They will be able to bypass the line and go straight to their waiting vehicles.

By clicking on the hot deals link on our website, our customers can find even more deals that will help them find ways to save on their rental rates. They will find several discounts they may qualify for or they may find ecoupons they can use to save money.

Both private citizens and travel agents are welcome to reserve vehicles with Alamo Car Rental Miami. We have also made it possible for people with disabilities to make their reservations. We like to make sure that everyone can have a fast and pleasant experience reserving the vehicles they need while making them as inexpensive as we can.

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