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Renting cars in Latin America for over 10 years
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Rent your ideal car on our website! Choose the company of your preference and book a car at the lowest prices in the market, remember that you can pick up the vehicle in one location and return it in a different one, depending on your travel needs. Also, don't forget to take advantage of the special offers we have for you to save on your trip to Miami, at Miles Car Rental you will find everything you need to book a rental car!

Keep these tips in mind when traveling to Miami

Miami is visited by a lot of tourists from all corners of the world, to enjoy its beaches, its people, its gastronomy, and culture in general. Here are some tips that can be very useful when visiting the city of the sun.

  1. Rent a car to have autonomy in your tours
  2. Do not worry about the language
  3. Consider the weather
  4. Pack comfortable clothes
  5. Check the time difference
  6. Take into account different forms of payment
  7. Purchase an e-SIM in the United States
  8. Think about purchasing a travel insurance policy
  9. Check the routes, tolls and driving restrictions
  10. Confirm your hotel reservation
  11. Visit the best restaurants
  12. Take advantage of the best dates to shop
  13. Learn about the laws on alcohol consumption
  14. Remember the emergency lines

What's the best time to travel to Miami?

The best dates to travel to Miami are between the months of March to April, May to August and November to December, during this time the hot weather is not suffocating. Keep in mind that this is the season with the highest presence of tourists in Florida, so costs may increase a little more. Miami guarantees the best weather for those who decide to travel during these months.

However, if you want to travel in the months of January, February, September or October you will have many advantages, the weather is totally cool and it will hardly rain, the presence of tourists is very low so it is perfect to visit the parks and enjoy the beach in the morning hours. The best thing about this season is to take advantage of the great deals offered by many brands with the best shopping promotions.

Below, you will find a summary of Miami's weather and seasons in each of the 12 months of the year for you to take into account in your travel itineraries:

  • Miami's weather in the months of December, January and February presents some rainfall, the season is high at the beginning and decreases after mid-January.
  • During the months of March, April and May temperatures begin to rise, it is an ideal time to travel because it is spring and high season.
  • During the months of June, July and August is the highest season of the year, it is visited by most tourists, the bathing suit becomes the main character dressing up the beautiful beaches of Miami.
  • Finally in October and November is a time of transition between rain and heat, the season is low, great for shopping at cheap prices.

So... What is the best season to travel to Miami?

We can say that the best time to travel to Miami is during low season, because there are not so many tourists, so you can enjoy the city to the fullest, the beaches, shopping malls, restaurants and the streets full of culture. The best thing about this season is to take advantage of the prices of hotels and activities in general, which will be at much more affordable prices, allowing you to live the Miami dream.

How many days are necessary to explore Miami?

The city of the sun offers many activities to have a memorable experience, the most recommended duration of your stay in Miami is 5 days, in which you will enjoy the beaches, the landscapes, the atmosphere, the art and the wide cultural presence. You can distribute your vacation days this way:

  • Day 1: Your first stop can be the Design District, the neighborhood where art and luxury flow through the walls and where you can listen to live music. Continue to Wynwood where you will see the great graffiti murals and take fabulous pictures, on the same day you can go on a boat tour to see celebrity mansions at sunset with a view of Miami from the sea, this plan is an eye opener for everything that waits for you in the Magic City!
  • Day 2: You can spend your second day doing some shopping and exploring all the major stores. You can start at Lincoln Road Mall, popular for being located outdoors, it has more than 400 stores and traditional markets with food from different regions of the world, continue visiting the Dolphin Mall, a very busy shopping mall that offers movie theaters, recreational games, rest areas and many fashion stores in general. End your day at Tropicana Flea Market a vintage market where you are going to find unique collection pieces, you will surely find the best gift for your special someone!
  • Day 3: Put on your swimsuits and go enjoy the beaches starting with Miami Beach, where nature and entertainment venues combine to delight you, contemplating the blue sea and taking a nice sunbath; After a beautiful morning at the most famous beach of the city, head to Key Biscayne, where you will only need some blankets and some snacks to enjoy a delicious picnic, relaxing while waiting for the majestic sunset, you will see how the orange and red colors cover the whole island. Let the sunset witness your happiness!
  • Day 4: Live a unique experience in the Florida Keys, ending your day under the sunset of Key West, but first you have make two exciting stops, one of them is Key Largo, an ideal place to snorkel, swim for a while and watch the wonderful sea turtles, then follow your way over the 7 mile bridge to get to Calusa Beach, a paradise with crystal clear waters perfect for a good swim and a close look at the manta rays with extraordinary dimensions. Finally, you will arrive to Key West, a quiet place to enjoy Mallory Square, a perfect pier to watch a sunset worthy of a postcard, when the sun goes down, go visit Duval Street, a where you can have fun, drink and eat delicious food. You will remember every moment of this trip!
  • Day 5: You can dedicate your last day to history, visit amazing attractions such as the Downtown Miami Museum where you will find a planetarium aquarium and scientific exhibits, or, if you are an art fan you can go to the Pérez Art Museum Miami where international art of the XX and XXI centuries is displayed. You can also visit the Villa Vizcaya Museum & Gardens for a glimpse of Renaissance style featuring a priceless art collection from the 15th to the 19th centuries, and beautiful gardens with awesome fountains. End your trip enjoying great history!
Tips for traveling to Miami, FL The best time to visit Miami, FL  What to do in Miami in 5 days?
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